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So many people want to know which type of music is the most healing! This is a question that I get almost every time I go out to speak to a group of people, or a company, university, or hospital. To answer that, you must understand the difference between the “genre” of music and the “components” of music.

There is so much in the news today about music in the OR, and sometimes the focus is on the surgeon and staff, and sometime the news is about music for the patient. Our music is entirely for the patient.

The benefits of music:
* Reducing Stress
* Easier and Deeper Meditation
* Relax Your Body
* Balance Your Life
* Mindful Meals

Visual neglect is the inability to recognize objects in part of the visual field due to lesions in the visual cortex. Specifically, a lesion in one hemisphere produces neglect in the opposite visual field (so a stroke in the left visual cortex would result in one being unable recognize objects in the right visual field, and vice versa).