Meditation Without Practice & The Mystery Of Awakening


Healing, meditation and spirituality are linked and work together. Meditation heals, and healing improves meditation. Spirituality is what bonds healing and meditation together.

If you’re having trouble in meditation you may need to receive healing to clear the way. Similarly, meditation will improve your healing ability by raising your consciousness.

The convergence of healing, meditation and spirituality is easily missed. Healing and meditation are foundational practices of spirituality. The end state of these practices is spirituality itself, with a caveat: Spirituality is an inborn, natural state, and practices aren’t there to get to any state. Although spirituality is already a part of human makeup, it tends to be left uncovered, unclaimed and unacknowledged.

Often life circumstances are sequenced in a specific pattern that leads to a spiritual ‘awakening,’ or sometimes there’s an affinity to spirituality from early on.

Meditation is the way of enlightenment. Enlightenment may be big or small, but it always points to our true nature. Enlightenment doesn’t have to be fully ripened to receive its tremendous benefits. Meditation also works out many knots in the psyche. It’s a steady and patient path. Many resist meditation because it’s so unlike all the modes of being that they have bought into, whereas meditation is in fact natural and comfortable.