How to Tell if You are Low In Nitric Oxide or not

When you order CircO2 lozenges you donot just receive the breakthrough nitric oxide lozenges - you also receive do-it- yourself test strips that measure your nitric oxide level. That means you can know immediately whether you even need to take a nitric oxide supplement or not. There is no guesswork involved.

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Can A Glass Of Beet Juice Treat Erectile Dysfuncti

How's Beet Juice Good For Erectile Dysfunction?

Beetroots are power packed with nitrates. Studies have proven that regular intake of foods rich in dietary nitrates like beetroots can boost the levels of nitric oxide in the body.Being a good source of nitrates, beet juice can help in relaxing blood vessels including those of the penis, thereby increasing blood flow. More blood flow means better erection and a quality time in between the sheets for you and your partner.

Effects Of Nitric Oxide On Erectile Dysfunction

Effects Of Nitric Oxide On Erectile Dysfunction

Endothelium lines blood vessels all over the body. Nitric oxide plays a significant role in maintaining the integrity of the endothelium which is crucial for adequate blood flow. Endothelial dysfunction arises in smokers, second-hand smokers, individuals having high levels of bad cholesterol and blood sugar. When blood vessels get structurally altered, blood flow through them get compromised, this leads to a variety of diseases that affect the heart, lungs and even the penis.Hence endothelial dysfunctioning can affect blood vessels that supply the penis thereby making nitric oxide crucial for its proper functioning.

How to Live a Longer Life?

Increase Longevity with these Tips & Tricks

One of the most frequent things people want to know is how to increase their life expectancy. Our life expectancy is fairly good now sitting at 80 years of age, but everyone always wants to squeeze out as many years as possible, as they should. Our life expectancy might decrease with the amount of chemicals we are now exposed to so it's important to limit those.The answer to longevity is complex, it requires dedication and self control. In the simplest forms, we would suggest that you avoid toxins, and supply your body with nutrients. It sounds easy but it's not, our world is filled with hidden contaminants that big corporations and big government aren't transparent about (See: Tobacco Companies). For that reason, We've compiled a list of tips to increase your longevity.

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